We can provide a Smart Better Building Upgrade with 100% low cost financing that will lower utility and operating costs, increase NOI and Building Valuation while eliminating Regulatory Liability.  When we combine our Building Upgrade with commercial sales transactions, we amplify the value proposition by selling a property faster and at a higher valuation.  And with the capital gains of the property sale invested in larger or more appropriate property through a 1031 exchange that we then upgrade, we can provide a truly unique value add  brokerage program.

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We Innovate And Bring New Possibilities To The Commercial Real Estate Industry.

The model for our Smart Better Building Program was to apply it to our own development projects to optimize their energy and financial performance while offering the program on a consulting basis to other Developers.

In 2019, NYC passed Local Law 97, otherwise known as the Climate Mobilization Act, which established aggressive carbon emission reduction mandates with stiff fines for noncompliance. As the most aggressive Carbon Emission reduction Law in NYC’s history, we determined that nothing short of a world-class Real Estate Innovation Hub was necessary to turn a massive legislative liability into a huge opportunity for Property Owners, Developers and Impact Investors.

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Glenn D. Capel, MBA

CRE/M&A Business Broker

Corporate Ambassador for

ESG Value Creation


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We Specialize in the future of Healthy Smart Better Buildings using ESG scoring

X-Factor Global provides Comprehensive Business Consultancy of Commercial Real Estate Services, M&A Business Brokerage, and certified ESG auditing as well as Private Placement Brokerage. That operates and powered through eXp Commercial, LLC  a broker owned cloud-based commercial real estate brokerage with over 1000 brokers across the globe. All connected through a virtual metaverse platform. Buying, selling and leasing across all asset types and specialties to the most important decision-makers that will generate solid returns in uncertain markets and times.
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