The commercial real estate industry is going through dramatic changes. Energy Efficiency upgrades, work from home shifts, and all the new SEC mandates for ESG with a growing list of Local and State Laws around the nation are disrupting the industry. Commercial practitioners need a competitive edge with many opportunities for additional revenue streams while gaining access to leading edge cleantech and proptech services and technology resources.

Our DC Real Estate Innovation Hub is ready to meet the moment. X-Factor Global unique Value Add Brokerage brings a decade of experience in commercial real estate and green building innovation to the table. We combine our Smart Building Upgrades program with the transaction process prior to placing the building on the market. By so doing, we lower operating cost, increase NOI and Valuation and then sell the building at a higher price. And through our partnership with EXP Commercial brokerage, our program provides everything you need to join in the coming era of commercial real estate innovation.


Liberty National Golf Club improves efficiency with LED lights.

Steelers team up with energy ally to drive down cost.

Efficiency upgrades improve quality of life saves millions of dollars.

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Dramatic energy cost savings at NY correctional facilities.

Saving energy with efficiency projects.

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