Our Real Estate Innovation Hub

This new era of ESG scoring is here. Our Real Estate Innovation Hub is positioned to ride the tsunami and lead the wave of smart building upgrades set to hit Washington DC. We want you to join us. ESG Auditors, Commercial Real Estate Agents and Brokers, Vendors, Building Owners, Buyers and Investors You are all a vital piece of the pie that will help revolutionize the commercial real estate industry in DC.


The hottest new career path is the ESG Auditor. With thousands of commercial real estate buildings in need of audits, we are recruiting an entire team of professionals to join our team.  ESG Auditors are the first one’s on site to assess a property, kicking off the whole process.


The Value Add Brokerage we offer in partnership with EXP Commercial provides a next level approach to supporting our Real Estate Agent and Brokers. You won’t find more support or more resources, nor a more cost effective way to join the CRE industry than with us.


Local Law 97 has changed the game, so why not work with the best to do your cost free compliance. Our best in class Smart Building Upgrade provides 4 simple and clear phases to our unique process. We provide complete end to end zero debt financing to boot.




The Smart Building upgrade process is only as smart as the vendors who fulfill the retrofit. Our network has vetted best in class innovations in all aspects of smart building upgrades, and works with a preferred network of over 70 vendors. We’ve got you covered.


People are at the heart of our Innovation Hub. Owners and Investors can access our deep network of industry connections and the vast inventory of properties we work with. From buying to selling, we offer end to end services for your property, portfolio and purpose.

Valued Add Brokerage Services


Whether you’re looking to acquire new assets or reposition owned ones, our teams have the expertise and market intelligence to help you develop a strong investment strategy. 


Our office real estate specialists have the inside-track on all of the latest market intelligence, helping you take advantage of market trends and maximize your opportunities.


We provide best-in-class advisory and transaction services to help you sell, lease or reposition your retail assets in order to meet the unique challenges of an evolving market. 


With unrivaled understanding of sub-markets, our team can provide valuable market information and assist you in making informed decisions, with a clear view of anticipated value and land use. 


Our hospitality specialists provide experienced advisory services, introducing proposed transactions to the right sources in a timely and confidential manner in order to help you secure maximum return on your invested asset. 

Specialty Properties

Whether it’s self-storage to data centers, or new development opportunities, our team has the collective experience to help you meet your objectives. 


Maximize your return on investment by speaking with one of our industrial specialists. They have years of experience with production, manufacturing, assembly, distribution, research, storage, and warehousing. Let us help you analyze and understand the opportunity.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our M&A advisors design marketing strategies to attract the right buyers for your business. We start by understanding our clients’ objectives and then collaborate with top CPAs and transaction attorneys to develop a tailored approach that optimizes market value, reduces tax implications, and minimizes liability. 

Business Brokerage

Get the most out of your business by speaking to our business advisors today. Our advisors have years of experience obtaining qualified buyers and performing business valuations, so you get the most profitable price when selling your company.

Landlord Services

Our team of specialists have a deep understanding of market dynamics and keen eye for detail, meaning we can meet your exacting investment requirements and help you complete complex deals in a timely and efficient manner. 

Need our services?


ESG scoring and Local Law 97 together will significantly change the game for New York City’s Commercial Real Estate Industry. Our Real Estate Innovation Hub is at the forefront of this wave, offering complete end to end zero down financing. As part of our compliance as a service offering, in full compliance with NYC Local Law 97, we offer 100% of financing to pay for all of the related soft and hard costs of a Smart Building Upgrade.

Our process includes 4 phases: Phase 1: ESG Audit, Phase 2: Cost Savings Strategies, Phase 3: Energy Efficiency Upgrades and Phase 4: Clean Power Installations. With our best in class financing partners, there is no aspect of the end to end smart building upgrade process that we can’t finance.

Check out some of our growing network of Financing Partners, and then contact us for a free consultation on how we can finance your next project.